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Born to be Wild


Friday, 11:00 AM

$9.25 Double Highballs (2oz)

$4.25 Jager (1oz)

$7.75 Jager Bomb (1oz)

$5.25 Jameson (1oz)

9pm Live Music & Edmonton's Hottest DJ's

Rock 'N' Hops Kitchen Party

Friday, 5:00 PM



Mustard Smile

Friday, 9:00 PM

“Wasting everyone’s time with an art form so unrequited and trivial there ought to be a law, Mustard Smile has been imposing their own unique brand of Corpo-rock on a largely drunk and unsuspecting public for the last nine years. Serious as cancer, the boys have been guilty of inciting frenzied activity and rampant nudity in clubs all over town. Drunk chicks think they're hot.”
—Anonymous Fan


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(780) 482-4767

Today’s Feature


Shake Your Bon Bon

$4 Dos Equis Bottles 

$4 Cuba Libres (1oz)

8PM Salsa Lessons by Salsa Addiction