On the Rocks Edmonton

Upcoming Events

Shake Your Bon Bon


Thursday, 11:00 AM

$4 Dos Equis Bottles 

$4 Cuba Libres (1oz)

8pm Salsa Lessons by Salsa Addiction 

Born to be Wild


Friday, 11:00 AM

$9.25 Double Highballs (2oz)

$5.25 Jager (1oz)

$6.50 Jager Bomb (1oz)

$5.25 Jameson shots (1oz)

9pm Live Music & Edmonton's Hottest DJ's

Radio Active

Friday, 9:00 PM

The music they cover is Radio sourced and Actively pursued; and chances are: if you've ever heard it on the radio, it's currently on rotation in their songlist.
With a nucleus of 5 lively musicians, together they emit popular sound waves that are as dynamic as they are magnetic, and nothing is done by half-lives.
We guarantee a good time, geared to elicit your true inner glow!


Click one of the links below to fill out a booking form, or call
(780) 482-4767

Today’s Feature


Wing Wednesdays

35c Wings (5pm-close)

$4.00 Big Rock Draught (0.3L)

$4.75 Wiser's (1oz)

9pm Bingo Tunez