On the Rocks Edmonton

Upcoming Events

Chronic Rock

Saturday, 9:00 PM

Chronic Rock is all about playing music that everyone loves and playing it well.  Their main goal is to get people up out of their seats and filling the dance floor.  So if you like to dance then Chronic Rock is the band for you!! 

Sunday Showcase Line Up

Sunday, 8:00 PM

Three bands grace our stage tonight! Sister Grey, Rend and The Jolly Good! 

Killer Karaoke Monday

Monday, 5:00 PM

$1 Hot Dogs (5pm till Late)

$4 Highballs (1oz)

$4 Jameson (1oz)

$4 Jagermeister (1oz)

$4 Jack Daniels (1oz)

$4 Okanagan Springs (.03L)

9PM Karaoke Hosted by Jay Hilderman


Click one of the links below to fill out a booking form, or call
(780) 482-4767

Today’s Feature


Live Weekend & Edmonton's Hottest DJs

$9.25 Double Highballs (2oz)

$5.25 Jager (1oz)

$6.50 Jager Bomb (1oz)

$5.25 Jameson (1oz)

9PM Live Music & Edmonton's Hottest DJs

Today’s Feature


Live Weekend & Edmonton's Hottest DJs

$10 Sterling Silver Steak Sandwich

$9.25 Double Highballs (2oz)

$5.25 Jager (1oz)

$6.50 Jager Bomb (1oz)

$5.25 Jameson Shots (1oz)

9PM Live Music & Edmonton's Hottest DJ's